Fridge monitoring

Evidential temperature monitoring of drugs/exhibit storage fridges.

Accurate temperature monitoring is essential for many pharmaceutical drugs and for some types of evidential exhibits which can be denatured by higher temperatures.

We provide a secure, low-cost, automatic, fridge temperature and humidity monitoring system to replace manual monitoring systems which often rely on staff recording temperatures in a book. Manual monitoring is costly in terms of staff time, records are often missed during busy periods and it is not unknown for paper records to go missing. Our remote monitoring system automatically records data in a secure Cloud data store. It includes a complete alert system to notify staff if a fridge goes outside pre-set limits as well as a monthly data export that can be printed and filed, if required.

A live demo of our system is available – contact us for details.

If you store pharmaceutical drugs, blood, DNA samples or other materials that can be affected by temperature or high humidity then you need to keep an accurate record of environmental conditions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet these requirements and save valuable staff time.