Do you need a secure low-power long-range wireless radio network for your sensors or products?

We can provide secure Cloud-connected LoRa® radio networks – ideal for security, connected health, tracking and all remote sensor and Smart City applications.

We have designed and deployed a number of operational LoRaWAN network solutions for clients across a range of applications and can provide customised sensor nodes, gateways, LoRaWAN servers and Cloud-connected user applications.

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What is LoRa®?
LoRa is a new energy-efficient long-range wireless technology that has been developed to enable low data rate communications over long distances by sensors and other battery-powered devices. Using LoRa and the associated LoRaWAN network protocol it is possible to securely connect millions of devices to the Cloud in secure local, regional, national or worldwide networks. LoRa is quickly becoming the leading enabler of theInternet of Things.

Energy Efficient
Conventional wireless data communication technologies like Wi-Fi or 4G were developed for the high speed transfer of large amounts of data to and from the Internet. LoRa is different and has been designed to maximise energy efficiency in applications that only need to securely exchange small amounts of data with the Cloud. LoRa-enabled devices conserve energy by powering down between short data transmissions, which are sent and received at pre-set times, or in response to external events. This highly efficient method of operation enables a typical LoRa wireless module to transmit and receive data for 10 years using two penlight batteries.

Long Range
The term LoRa stands for Long Range communication. Even with highly efficient ultra low power consumption a LoRa radio module can transmit data over 20km (line of sight) in a rural environment. In dense urban environments LoRa-enabled devices can send data over 3-5km,(depending on the antenna size and elevation). Unlike some other technologies LoRa radio signals can penetrate deep into buildings. These capabilities make LoRa the ideal technology to use with a wide range of applications – from rural livestock tracking to environmental monitoring or metering inside buildings.